Youngest Cushings Diagnosis?


I tried searching, but not having much luck.  I don't frequent the group much since my gelding passed, so haven't been  reading regularly.
Last I read, youngest confirmed Cushings was 5 years old, with maybe a few odd ones younger.
Do horses under 5 years get Cushings?  How common is it now?   How likely would it be for 2 young horses in the same herd to have Cushings (I don't know if they are related)?
Do professionals mix-up Cushings and IR, thinking they are the same or similar?
Thank you.
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Sherry Morse

Hi Chanda,

First off - according to the older messages your join date is:

My recall as far as youngest diagnosed PPID horses is the same as yours - it's rare but does occur in younger horses here and there.  Since there have been genetic connections found in some breeds it's certainly possible that 2 related young horses could have it, but I'd think the odds of 2 non-related horses having it in the same location would be very slim.

As far as professionals using the terms interchangeably - I've seen it happen enough that I'm fairly confident that it's not an isolated issue so if you're asking because somebody said something along the lines of 'My vet said these 2 three year olds have Cushings' I'd ask for clarification of what they meant. 


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