Yucca and sweets

Pennington-Boggio's <pennbo@...>

Hi Sue, Have you asked your vet about feeding the yucca? Mine told me to
take Star off of yucca and anything that contains yucca because it
messes with the same hormones that Cushings is messing with. Wish I
could be more specific! Would love to hear what your vet said.
We also took her off of sweet feed and other high refined sugar
substances. We do feed carrots and an occasional apple or peppermint.
Out vet said that carrots are fine because of they are a different sugar
that is more easily broken down and turned into energy than sweeteners
like sugar, molasses, corn syrup etc. We feed Purina Strategy and have
been very happy with the results. We top dress with corn oil in the
winter to help generate body heat as it can be very cold here- even
inside the barn.
We feed mineral salt not regular salt. Star seems to regulate herself
pretty good with it. We also free feed an A and a B mineral/vitamin mix.
She sucks down both of them and I am curious as to why. Already on my
list to talk about with my vet next visit- she also does nutrional
consulting. Anyone have any ideas why this might be?


Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

Hi Chris, I'll talk to my vet about the yucca, Darby is doing so well on
it. With this horse each and every day is a gift that I treasure and to see
her actually feeling good enough to gallop has amazed all of us including
the vet.

I live in New Hampshire and I too use corn oil, I feed Blue Seal trotter
which is a complete pellet and vintage senior, the senior is an extruded
pellet it has a little molassess in it which is why I gave up the carrot,
apple and peppermint treats. Her hay is a timothy/alfalfa mix which she
gets free choice.